Intellectual Property Policy

The MRC Innovation Centre has developed an Intellectual Property Policy for the purposes of defining intellectual property (IP) ownership and commercialization rights and the obligations of the MRC and MRC researchers in this respect. It aims to ensure that discoveries arising from MRC research are captured and translated into usable technologies for the benefit of the MRC, MRC stakeholders and society in general, and to ensure that the relevant stakeholders are appropriately rewarded.

The Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research and Development Act, 2008 (IPR Act), places an obligation on research institutions in South Africa to identify, protect and commercialize IP arising from publicly funded research for the benefit of the people of South Africa. It also requires that researchers receiving public funds disclose any new IP in a timely manner to their relevant Technology Transfer Offices. Ownership of such IP is bestowed on the institution; however, provision must be made for the inventors to share in the benefits arising from the commercialization of the IP.

The MRC IP Policy was amended to incorporate the requirements of the IPR Act and associated regulations. It is now mandatory that all MRC researchers comply with the IP Policy

MRC Intellectual Property Policy
Effective Date: 2004

Last Updated: 2018

Approved: January 2018

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